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Private Training

One-on-one sessions customized to what your body needs on each given day with a highly trained instructor. New to Pilates? Privates. Recovering from an injury? Privates. Looking for specified training for your sport? Privates. Get some one-on-one attention and Pilates Love!

$57 - $65

Pilates Equipment Classes

Familiar with Pilates and want to do Pilates in a group setting? Check out our classes! We've got Reformers and Chairs for up to 6 people at a time. Must have knowledge of Pilates and the equipment to participate in these classes.

$26 - $35

Yoga and Barre Classes

Our classes are smaller in size than your big box gym. That equates to a better experience for you! Try Kaitlin's Saturday morning Vinyasa Flow at 10am for a great start to your weekend!


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