Mental Health Benefits of Pilates


Reformers have been repositioned to maximize distance between clients, giving each client their own 6ft of distanced 'bubble.'

Instructors are using contactless cueing and adhere to strict 6ft distancing guidelines.  


Rigorous protocols are in place that exceed CDC's guidelines for public safety. We use CLEARGEAR, a n EPA registered disinfectant that kills Coronavirus, to wipe down our equipment between uses. 

Hand sanitizer is readily available.  

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If you are feeling unwell or believe you may have been in contact with someone who has COVID or was exposed to COVID, we ask that you stay home. If you are awaiting the results of a COVID test, we ask you to stay home. We are happy to waive cancellation fees for the sake of keeping everyone safe if there is any potential risk that you may have COVID or pose any risk to spreading it to others.




Pilates is a full-body, vigorous workout that stretches and strengthens simultaneously, resulting in an extremely efficient movement practice. Core strength is the foundation of the practice, while the focus is on quality movement rather than the number of repetitions or the weights lifted. The practice is an intelligent form of movement that encourages you to connect and listen to your body to optimize it's function. 

With this focus, no muscles are over or under-trained which helps correct muscle imbalances and staves off future injuries.

Those practicing Pilates can anticipate an improvement in posture, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. 



One of the great things about Pilates is that it is so versatile. Whether you are new to exercise, dealing with an injury, pregnant, an elite athlete, or just a fitness fanatic, Pilates is good for you. The equipment that we use allows for support to be added where you may need it, and also allows for challenge to be added when appropriate.


Pilates can be practiced daily. Although there may be some days where you walk away from your session with muscle soreness, that is not the ultimate goal. You may ask yourself, well then am I actually doing anything if I'm not getting sore every time? The answer is YES. You will still see significant results in the way that your body performs for you as you continue on your practice. The smarter you learn to work, the better your results become.


If it's in your budget, Private sessions are ideal. Each private session is customized by your trainer to suit your needs and is taught at a pace that fits your level of experience and understanding of the key Pilates principles (breathing, control, centering, precision, flow). Pilates has a lot of idiosyncrasies; it's not a walk in the park to ask your body to move in ways that it may have never before been asked to, so be patient with your practice and the learning of the concepts. As your understanding of Pilates deepens, you will find that your sessions become more physically demanding, because you become more aware of how involved each movement is when executed properly.

Once you develop a basic foundation of the Pilates principles, moving into group classes may be an option for you. In group classes, there is an expectation that you are already aware of what it means to "draw in your abdominals", to "articulate your spine",  or to "stabilize your pelvis", just to name a few. There is less time spent on teaching the basics, and more time applying those principles into a flowing class of 55 minutes with a maximum of 5 additional students. Fortunately, because we do limit our class sizes, you will still get individual attention, but clearly privates are the way to go if you need specifically tailored cues if for example, you are recovering from an injury.





(Balanced Body Pilates)


Kiyla is an integrative fitness specialist and massage therapist. Over a decade ago she discovered her calling to teach mindful movement and assist others in discovering their inner strength and balance. Through the years Kiyla obtained certifications in Comprehensive Pilates Apparatus, TRX suspension training, NASM Personal Training, MOTR instruction, Neurokinetic Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, and Active Isolated Stretching. Kiyla combines her knowledge of movement and anatomy with imagery and touch cues to develop fun, challenging sessions uniquely tailored to help clients understand how their body works and meet their fitness goals. It is her mission to help clients feel powerful and present while reinforcing mind-body awareness. 
Kiyla strives to keep current with all she can about mind-body-spirit fitness, therapeutic touch & food based healing so that she can effectively coach others in holistic lifestyle choices. When she isn't being nerdy about her career, she spends time hoop dancing, experimenting with recipes in the kitchen or going on outdoor adventures.





(Peak Pilates)

Jen holds a Bachelor's degree in exercise science, a comprehensive Pilates certification from Peak Pilates, and a personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
She's been teaching exercise for 20 years. Her start as a Personal Trainer has helped her in developing her overall Exercise philosophy of functional, practical, strength training. Jen has an amazing eye for watching movement, and loves helping people to 'figure things out in the body' during a session. She is known for her ability help you increase your fitness level, at the pace that's right for your body, all while keeping things fresh and fun. 

 Her favorite Joseph Pilates quote: "Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness."



Natallia is a native Belarusian. She has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Technology, in Belarus.She moved to the US in 2014 and began a career in the accounting industry. Working in an office with so much sitting, she quickly realized the importance of exercise, especially to the lower back. She found that Pilates was an amazing method of exercise to help her improve not only her core strength, but to overall condition her body. Wanting to know how and why Pilates really worked, she enrolled in a Pilates education program in NY.

Natallia teaches to all types of clients, whether the desire is to improve posture, strength and balance, or to recover from injury. She believes that the deep mind-body connection used in the Pilates method, can bring new awareness to peoples' bodies and retain and restore one's health and vitality.

Vicki Buck



Vicki has been in the Fitness Industry for over 14 years. She's done everything from teach spinning to step aerobics, to yoga- She just loves to move. She's always packed the house with her fun and educational way of teaching with smooth transitions that keep you present and connected to your body. 

Although she's been through and taught every kind of exercise imaginable, she is a full-force Pilates Advocate. "I've done it all and Pilates yields the best results."

But it's not about a 'tight butt' kind of results. It's about how it makes you feel. It reduces stress, It makes your body happy. You use muscles that are pertinent to your daily activities, that you just don't hit in a 'gym workout.' 

Vicki is currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but you'll feel her spirit in the studio and in her amazing team of instructors.



10 sessions and you'll FEEL the difference.

20 sessions and you'll SEE the difference.

30 sessions and you'll have a whole NEW BODY.

- Joseph Pilates


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